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Username americanriverfoghorn
Status active
Joined Apr 17, 2009
Location virginia
Art Genre collage
Website http://www.studio-eyed.com
Occupation college instructor
Interests all media
Biography | Statement I have been creating art since 1967.

By practice, I am a narrative artist. I tell stories in my art. I work in a variety of media, combining them into collages. I work on paper. I rub chalk or oil pastels over natural and manufactured surfaces: primarily gravestones and public markers, which may be manhole covers, designs on buildings, signage, or any other physical surface that provides textural diversity. I then assemble words I’ve written and the designs I’ve transferred to paper, adding segments from prints, photographs, and paintings I have made, to create the story I am telling. I surround negative letter images with designs set to signify extended meaning for what is written. In doing so, I seek to portray the fleeting aspect of life, as well as of art.

I teach Art Foundation courses at The Art Institute of Washington.
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