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Username 1131981
Status active
Joined Mar 16, 2009
Location Vista, CA
Art Genre Painting and Sculpture
Occupation Artist
Interests Art, spirituality, movies, politics (untill I get angry)
Biography | Statement Born in San Diego, CA 1954
BA Degree from San Diego State University 1994
Having focused on painting expands genre to include sculpture. 2004
Created company RED AINU CREATIONS 2006
Provides Portraits (pets and people), Murals, Paintings and Sculpture, Signs, Illustrations and Classes.

Art is a gift given to the artist to be shared. Whatever the topic created through the artist is valid and to be respected. My interest lies in that which is beyond the physical, "spirituality", as conveyed through the physical body. The actual presentation of the theme is discovered during the creative process. Oil, acrylic, pastel and mixed-media (anything from human hair to expanding foam) are apt to be used. The mystery for the artist and client is equal. Again, art is a gift meant to be shared.
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